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Klaus Lucka on NY1

Fire Almost Destroys Photographer's Dream Exhibit

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May 12, 2008

A New York photographer prepared for a year and a half to do a show at Lincoln Center until a fire almost destroyed his dream. NY1's Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

A few weeks ago, photographer Klaus Lucka would have called an exhibition of his photography at Lincoln Center a dream come true, but after a fire devastated his apartment, he's just glad to be here at all.

"I went to the window and hung out the window to get fresh air, but then it was like smoke was coming around me, so the only way that I could save myself was by leaning outside out the window," said Lucka.

Firefighters rescued Lucka. He was lucky to be alive, but thoughts immediately turned to this exhibit, "Portraits of the Artist's Mind."

For more than a year, Lucka has been photographing artists who frequently work at Lincoln Center, including choreographer Mark Morris, playwright Tom Stoppard, and Opera Director Peter Sellers.

"All the prints got destroyed, everything that I'd printed," he said. "Thank goodness the hard drives were okay. Then we had to totally reprint everything."

What appear to be single photographs are made up of as many as 15 images. Lucka says he wants to be able to tell a whole story in a frame.

"We all build up memories in our life and that's what life is, a wonderful process of memories," said Lucka. "And later on, you remember the circus, you remember that. You don't remember just that little dog there. Your mid puts it all together in this wonderful composition."

Lucka photographed "Happy Days" director Deborah Warner her in all the different roles in the show.

"Her being in all the roles kind of summarizes what the director is all about," explained Lucka.

All of the people featured in his exhibit have well-known productions, but the focus is on the inspiration for the performance, not the performance itself.

The exhibit is on view thru May 31st.

- Stephanie Simon

UNTIL SATURDAY May 31 , 2008