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Opera Director, performer


Wu Hsing-kuo
theater artist

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Wu Hsing-kuo is a highly accomplished actor.and performer. He has been the leading dancer of Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and artistic director and founding member of the Contemporary Legend Theatre (which adapts Western classical plays to styles and techniques of Peking opera). He has performed in traditional opera, dance, modern theater, cinema, and television, including a solo performance in King Lear in Taipei and Hui-Neng in Gao Xinjian's August Snow last year at the Opéra de Marseille

He recently appeared as Yin-Yang Master in the world premiere of The First Emperor for his Met debut, and toured the United States with three plays-Farewell My Concubine, King Lear, and The Drunken Concubine. Coming up he will appear in The Butterfly Dream with Kunqu actress Qian Yi.

Wu Hsing-Kuo was recently hailed as "a riveting singer" (The New York Times) for his role in The First Emperor at the Metropolitan Opera, and takes the stage for a spellbinding one-man version of Shakespeare's King Lear as seen through the lens of the archetypal characters of Beijing opera.



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